Everybody knows weddings are full of tradition and etiquette – and although many things have changed in recent years, the truth is that most brides and grooms cannot simply bid farewell to wedding customs that have been passed down from one generation to the other.

Take, for example, the “Something Blue” tradition, still followed by a lot of couples on their wedding day. If you too want to follow this custom for your Big Day, you definitely want to make it unique and special – so we have gathered 4 of the most original Something Blue ideas for your wedding. Read on and inspire yourself:

*       Your hair. How about blue hair on your wedding day? If you’re an unconventional bride, but still want to adopt this tradition, blue hair is perfect for you! Keep in mind though: if you plan on changing your hair color to blue, make sure you do it with the help of a professional, to make sure it turns out perfectly. Also, remember that you don’t have to dye all of your hair blue – a few strands will do.
*       Your eyeliner. Cat eyeliner looks amazing on brides – but why not add a pop of color to your spring or summer wedding   and switch the black eyeliner with a blue one? There are various shades available on the market – from the brightest to the darkest – so you can find something that suits your natural beauty.
      Mascara. Same as with eyeliner, mascara comes in various blue shades as well. An electric shade will make your eyes pop in a very bright and beautiful way, while a toned down shade of blue mascara can accentuate brown eyes in a real subtle, pretty way.
*        Nails. Getting a proper manicure is, most definitely, one of your top priorities on the Big Day – especially since everyone will want to see both the engagement ring and the wedding band. Include a bit of blue in your manicure for a throwback at tradition in a very…non-traditional way! It will look so special!

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