Candy bars are irresistible – and that’s a universal given. It doesn’t matter the style of wedding or how large you want it to be – a candy bar at your wedding adds that little extra something people will talk about for months.

How do you create the perfect candy bar for your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

*        Pick up some nice containers. Cute transparent or slightly colored mason jars, heart-shaped bowls, cinema-inspired boxes, little to-go containers – there’s an almost limitless number of containers you can use for the candy bar. Pick the ones that suit you and your wedding style.
*       Choose the sweets. Again, there’s a huge range of possibilities here. Keep in mind, that people have seen cookies and cupcakes at every single wedding they’ve attended in the last few years, so if you want to be more unique, think out of the box. Gummy bears in champagne flavor, unique candy, maybe even a sweet recipe you’ve been using in your family for generations. Add your personality into the sweet mix on the candy bar and it will make quite the impression.
       Create the décor. Most of the times, you don’t need a lot of décor for the candy bar (especially if your containers and sweets already look like part of the wedding décor itself). However, a few flowers or green garlands, confetti, balloons, and other pretty pieces of décor can make this table even more attractive.

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