Ever since you were a little girl, you more than likely dreamed of your wedding style.  Of course, that dream comes in different forms for different brides.  For example, an outdoor wedding can be a simple backyard event or take place in a luxurious vineyard.

So, what is your wedding style and how can you breathe life into it at your wedding? We have some tips for you –

*        Classic. You want the big dress and even bigger party.  Everything must shine and sparkle, wedding cake is large and first dance romantic. You’re a true classic when it comes to weddings.  If that sounds like you, try a white and green wedding adorned with white roses and peonies.
*        Eclectic. You like to have fun with your wedding décor, and that is precisely why you should mix up not only colors that are less commonly seen together, but also textures. Everything about your wedding day is unique, from the shape of the wedding bouquet to the food and drinks you’ll serve.
*        Garden. You love nature, greenery and flowers. More than anything, you don’t want a large wedding, but a small, unique, and intimate one – so the idea of a garden party is attractive to you. Garden roses, antique items – you want it all, romantically embedded into your garden party décor.

Whatever your wedding style is we’ll have the wedding gown to match.  With a personalized wedding gown stylist at your service you’re sure to be the princess on your wedding day...whatever that means for you personally.  Schedule an appointment at Bridal Trousseau, and see why our salon is the choice for thousands of brides in the north east.

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