Every wedding planning process starts with a dream…and a budget. It doesn’t matter if you can afford to spend a large chunk of change on your wedding or if you want to keep it budget-friendly – a wedding budget is an absolute must for all couples.  If you don’t, set a budget, you can easily get off track and regret your decisions later.

How do you even set a wedding budget? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

      Set a limit. Sit down with your fiancé and discuss your finances. What is the most you can afford to spend on your wedding? Who will pay for what? How much will be covered by you as a couple, and how much will your parents help you with (if anything at all)?
       What are your priorities? What are his priorities? Discuss these matters fully. In most cases, the bride and the groom want the same type of wedding;  but if you want something different or if he is keen on one (or more) particular elements, find your middle ground and work from there.
       Know when you should splurge and when you should save. There are a lot of areas of the wedding day where you can save a lot of money – such as the wedding favors, for example. However, there are others that tend to be more important to both the couple and the guests – such as the dress and the groom’s attire, the food, music and venue for example.

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